Conor McGregor Taps Out Against Khabib Nurmagomedov And A Ringside Brawl Ensues

The Internet goes crazy

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Last night saw one of the the UFC's most anticipated events in recent years with Conor McGregor returning after almost 2 years off to take on Khabib Nurmagomedov. If you stayed up to watch at Danny Buoys or El Catador, you were in for a treat as the match was intense from start to finish.

From the first round, McGregor had trouble defending Khabib's takedowns and once on the ground, he applied pressure which kept the Mcgregor attack at bay. The next few rounds would follow a similar pace, with two fighters standing up for some striking exchanges. Nurmagomedov displayed a comparable level of boxing, comfortably standing up with tenacity. McGregor would use a lot of straight kicks to Khabib’s stomach, but during each round, the Russian fighter would score a takedown. In the fourth and final round, however, Nurmagomedov would get a neck crank, forcing him to tap.

Moments later all hell broke loose when members from both camps began brawling in and out of the ring which was caught on camera by many attending the fight.

When the dust settled, Dana White refused to award the belt in the ring, telling Khabib, “If I put this belt on you, people are going to start throwing shit into the Octagon.” Check out the social media coverage below, and stay tuned to see how this story unfolds.