There's Two Areas In The Atlantic Being Watched For Tropical Storm Development

Screen Shot 2018 07 04 At 12 48 07 Pm

The National Hurricane Center is watching two areas in the Atlantic for tropical development. Which as of today don't look to be posing much of a threat to the Turks & Caicos.

One system near Bermuda will likely curve away from the U.S. and out to sea.

The second further out in the Atlantic will likely encounter hostile upper-level winds by this weekend, causing it to become less organised.

By this weekend, second system will likely approach the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean. The good news is that upper-level winds will become more hostile for development by that time, likely preventing further organisation.

That said, the area of disturbed weather could enhance moisture in the Lesser Antilles Sunday into Monday, leading to an uptick in shower and thunderstorm activity.

We'll continue to monitor these two areas of interest in the Atlantic over the next few days, but for now, there is no major threat to be concerned about.