The 5 Types Of Hangover You've Ever Had In Turks & Caicos


We've all been there, you got a little carried away last night and now you are paying the price. You started with a couple beers, then a rum punch or two, there were definitely shots and now you've woken up with a pocket full of receipts that you just cant bear to look at. Best just throw them away, no good will come of knowing how much you spent.

Drinking in the islands can creep up on you and if you're not used to the local mixes, beware. We don't measure around here, just poor to the brim and top off with a mixer. There's a couple of new local beers going which are upwards of 8% too, so think twice before a swift couple of pints before heading off to dinner.

The sugary rum punch, the cold beers on the boat, the bottle of bubbly with your bestie... they all leave you with a special kind of feeling the next day. Here are the Top 5 types of hangovers you've probably had in the TCI.

1. The Thirst

You wake up in the middle of the night with an unquenchable thirst. You must have had too much wine last night and while you were sleeping you somehow have completely dried up. You stumble to the fridge in hope of something other than beer to guzzle down. Fingers crossed you still have some coconut water from the last big shop at IGA, that would REALLY hit the spot.

2. The Regret

You wake up and instantly know something is wrong. You're getting a bit older now and can't put up with this sort of things anymore. You hate yourself for not sticking to the plan, you mixed too many and now are suffering the consequences. You tell yourself you're never doing this again, and THIS time you mean it.

3. The Delay

You wake up and feel alright, which is strange cause you remember going through quite a bit and finishing up late. You decide to jump in the shower, and get ready for work but as you start driving you realise something is a bit off. You go to speak to someone and it hits you, you're still drunk. Get yourself a coffee and something to eat while you can. The afternoon is going to be a rough one.

4. The Sickness

You might be one of those people who "never gets sick" but some of us just aren't built like that. You should never have done those shots are Sandbar and now you cant pull yourself away from the bowl. You knew this was going to happen, but you friends bought a round and you didn't want to be rude.

5. The End Of The World

You open your eyes and instantly regret it. Your head is banging, the room is hot and you don't remember how you got home. This is a bad one. You muster up the courage to find your phone, but cant find it. You look around for your wallet but only see a pair of sandy shoes. Where is your stuff? Luckily you weren't driving but from the looks of things you're gonna be spending the next week getting new cards, a new license and maybe even a new phone.

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