People Are Shocked At Will Smith's New Job Choice

Will he still be gracing Hollywood after this?

Will Smith 7

Will Smith has been an actor, a rapper, a producer and a director but he has now vlogger to his repertoire. 

Three weeks ago Will Smith promoting his new Netflix movie Bright where he plays a cop in a magical version of L.A. In the first video he surprises some fans as he goes on a promo tour for the movie and thereafter you can follow him as he goes promoting the movie around the globe. 

There are many Hollywood celebrities that wouldn't be interesting to watch but Will Smith does it with his usual charm and charisma you can follow him as he vlogs his way through a round the world press tour and impart some important words of wisdom such as fail early and fail often. 

The Youtube channel is Will Smith's second recent venture into social media, he recently started an instagram channel where he vlogs with his family, you can see some of the videos here: 

Will Smith is still acting alongside his vlogging, in fact he is currently in the UK filming the live-action adaptation of Aladdin where he is playing the Genie .