These Are Apparently The Most Underrated Foodie Cities In The World

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It's common knowledge that Rome is the place to go for a rich bowl of pasta, Paris for some crusty baguettes and New York for well, everything really.

But what about the lesser-known cities across the globe? Eating a meal in one of these places that Thrillist listed will make you feel like a true traveler, an explorer of the world who finds hidden foodie treats that no one else can.

Grab your passport, and make sure to bring an appetite.

Palermo, Italy

Italy’s overlooked godfather of street food

Mumbai, India

A movable feast of India’s flavors

Edmonton, Alberta

A smorgasbord of gustatory adventure in North America’s northernmost metropolis

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Where food is refuge from the barely contained hurricane of daily existence

Bristol, England

Where ubiquitous art irradiates a diverse, adventuresome food scene

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Guadalajara, Mexico

The Mexican you already know, from its cradle

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Vigo, Spain

Tear into undiscovered marine treasures in Spain’s eclectic northwest

Now to choose where to jet off to first...

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