The 10 Worst Types Of People In Turks & Caicos And You Probably Follow All Of Them On Instagram

Lovin Turks Caicos Headers 1

Turks & Caicos is chock-a-block FILLED with people stuntin' for the gram.

And since we love the 'gram and we LOVE a good moan here's a list of the worst types of people you probably follow on Instagram.

1. The people who add TCI to their 'gram handle the minute they move here

You know EXACTLY who you are.

2. The fitness 'fluencers

Only follow if you enjoy a daily does of 'your current workout routine is not good enough...and it never will be'

3. The fitness phonies

We don't believe you for a second.

4. The 'photographer'


5. The motivational quoters

These are the WORST people in the world.

6. The water sports crew

Unfollow, unless you like living in serious envy

7. The people who try too hard

We all have friends like this.

8. The people who hashtag everything

Why though.

9. The outrageous braggers

Swimming, chilling, partying, these people want you to know exactly how lavish their island life is.

10. The people who live like they are on vacay 24/7

Not jealous, not jealous AT ALL.