Pineapple Christmas Trees Are Going To Be The Next Big Thing In Turks & Caicos

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Pineapple Christmas

I’m not sure if I was living under a rock last year, but apparently Christmas pineapple decorating was all the rage on Pinterest in 2017.

I honestly had no idea.

Living in TCI, we're all too aware of how much the Christmas trees cost to bring on island and how much a mess they make when they start shedding as soon as we bring them home. It's not really their fault to be honest, pines were never really meant for the Caribbean climate.

But the pineapple, now there's something that's right at home on Grand Turk. Not only are these pineapple trees practical and cheap (not to mention delicious) they look really quirky and cool.

Whether they are covered with tinsel or fairy lights and adorned with baubles, these mini “trees” can just about pull off anything.

Like this one covered in colourful fairy lights…

Or this creation which would fit right into the pages of a trendy home decor magazine…

This pineapple tree can even pull off wearing sunglasses inside, which is a definite fashion faux pas.

So I think it’s time to start a new tradition in the islands and have some fun with your decorations this holiday season.

Who's with us?