Netflix Has Provided 'Proof' That The Owl Is The 'Real Killer' In The Staircase Documentary

Extra information has been released...

Owl Killer

If you haven't yet watched true-crime documentry The Staircase I am telling you now, go away and watch it before you read any further.

For two reasons, 1. It's definitely worth a watch 2. You'll ruin the whole thing if you carry on reading. I've gotten rid of those people, I shall continue because Netflix has just released some extra info surrounding the mysterious death of Kathleen Peterson.

After the success of Making A Murderer, The Staircase follows the arrest and trial of Michael Peterson who was convicted of killing his wife Kathleen.

Kathleen was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in their family home, but Michael was insistent that he was innocent.

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I'll be honest, even after the trial, the conviction and the process of Michael's days in and out of court - it's still difficult to ever understand what really happened to Kathleen that day.

Was Michael wrongly convicted?

The success of the show has had everyone talking though, and then came the theory that an OWL DID IT.

No no, it's no joke.

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'The Owl Theory' suggests that Kathleen didn't die at the hands of her husband or by a tragic accident, but rather at the claws of a barred owl.

The theory came about after some of the facts from the show highlighted some pretty incriminating stuff.

What's even crazier is that Kathleen was apparently found with feathers on her hands.

And Netflix has now released a video that shows Michael's attorney, David S. Rudolf and many others connected to the case, discussing the the theory that an owl could in fact be the killer.

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In the video, Thomas Dew, a demonstrative evidence specialist, says: "The Owl Theory is a ridiculous theory when you first hear it, you really have to get into the evidence in order to understand that it's actually possible for an owl to do this."

It's also been suggested that the lacerations found on Kathleen's head are more consistent with owl tracks rather than blunt force trauma.

And to top it all off, a specific type of owl, the barred owl, is known to be aggressive, and is also known to occupy the area in which Kathleen and Michael lived.