If You Love Tea, You Might Be Facing These Problems...


Herbal Tea

Who doesn't love tea? I drink it immediately I wake up, usually with some lemon and honey because it actually makes me feel like I am detoxing my liver (a teeny bit) and then throughout the day - all day. Trying to curb my coffee addition you see, but it might be causing me and others, more harm than my beloved coffee.

According to a study from King's College London Dental Institute, fruit teas or fruit infused water can actually cause quite an alarming effect on your nashers.

The issue is that fruit acids can be erosive on our tooth enamel. A study of 300 people with major tooth erosion found that common healthy habits such as adding a squeeze of lemon to your tea a cup of tea can make you around 11 times likely then suffer from tooth erosion.

Ugh, this is not good for me and my lemon addiction... sigh.