Here's How Often You Should Actually Wash Your Pet's Food Bowl

All potcake owners should read this

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Owning a potcake is one of the greatest joys in life.

You have a constant companion to play with, relax with and take care of.

Grooming them, feeding them and taking them for walks is all part and parcel of being an animal owner.

One thing you probably don't think about enough is their food bowl.

Even though you fill it every day, you're probably not cleaning it as much as you should be. 

According to the Independent, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has warned that by neglecting to wash your pet's food bowl regularly enough you're opening them up to a whole load of nasty bacteria.

Bacteria can be transferred from your pet's mouth to the bowl and then to food, creating a circle of bacteria which could lead to infection and illness.

Experts say you should wash your bowl with soapy water every day or two, no matter what type of food they eat.

They also advised against leaving food in the bowl after your pet has finished eating, as it too can lead to a build up of bacteria.

Well, there more ya know!

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