Have Your Say On What It Takes To Become A Turks & Caicos Resident

The TCIG have recently released an official survey

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The Ministry of Border Control and Employment Services have shared a survey which proposes the idea of a merit based (points) system to be considered for those interested in "Turks Islander Status".

While very much in the early stages, various aspects may be considered when evaluating individuals looking to gain citizenship. The survey's ambition is to understand the public's view of importance across a number of areas including age, country of origin, education, language, skills, time residing in the islands, finances, achievements and family ties to the country among others.

The survey will be open till December 21st so if you want to have your say on the future of immigration legislation, now's the time to be heard.

Also, in addition to the survey persons are invited to send comments/opinions in relation to the proposed points system to the following email address that will be accessible during this consultation period: tcistatusconsultation@gov.tc


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