A Study Has Revealed That Dog Owners Are Less Likely To Cheat

Very interesting...

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A study has revealed that dog owners are more faithful than any other pet owners. 

This is yet another great reason to get down to Potcake Place and get yourself a pup. Sure you can also get a Potcat, but it may not do your relationship any favours.

IllicitEncounters.com, a dating website for married people, found that just 10% of over 700 members surveyed owned dogs, making dog owners the most faithful – just like their loyal, loving pups.

Cat owners make up 25% of their database... and fish owners make up 16%. 

There's definitely something fishy about that. 

If you need any more reason to adopt one of these amazing animals, these maybe these pics will.

Cover image by @potcakeplacek9rescue

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