14 Things You Should Never Do When You Travel

If you do these things, shame on you.

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Travelling can be a nightmare at times. If you're flying you're probably cramped into tiny seats, everyone is uncomfortable and it's probably a bit hot and after a few hours the plane begins to smell like fart and sweat. 

So why would anyone do these things? We don't know. But here's a few things you should definitely not do when travelling.

Image credit @katlyn.ruiz

1. Be a bit too eager to get your luggage. This isn't going to speed up the process.

2. Air out your shoes? No mate, don't ever do this! We don't want to smell your damn sweaty feet.

3. Keep your hands to yourself. Get a grip.

4. Just like your hands, keep your hair to yourself too.

5. Uhm...your comfort is not more important than other passengers going to the bathroom. C'mon...

6. No. Just No.

7. Control your kids. The plane isn't a colouring book.

8. Or their sticker book, either.

9. Oh sweet god. Just, no!

10. That's where your head goes...

11. You know there are bins on a plane, right? Stop putting dirty diapers in the seat holders.

12. And they're not for your feet either.

13. I don't want to be hit by your nail trimmings!, clip them somewhere else!

14. And I am sure your pedicure can wait until we land.

These are some seriously nasty things that people do when travelling. Have some common sense and be nice to your fellow passengers. Just don't do any of these.