13 Food Items You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Apparently this is how you actually spell buffet...


1. Buffet

Yes, there is a big revelation coming up to start this. Unfortunately, if you've been going to a BUF-AY then you've been saying it wrong. It's actually BOO-FAY, believe it or not. No, hell hasn't frozen over.

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2. Bouillon

Not every word on this list begins with a B, I promise. But the key to this one is remembering that it's French, and once you've accepted that things will become easier. BOO-YAWN for this.

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3. Bouillabaise

Look, people tend to get words beginning with B wrong, okay? And this fish is a particularly slippery one in the pronunciation stakes. BOOL-YUH-BAYZ is the right way to say this...

4. Hummus

This is one that I've heard virtually everyone I know get wrong. It's very to just pronounce words how they're spelt, but in basically the same was as buffet, this one is HOO-MUS.

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5. Quinoa

One of the most popular health foods in the world, South America's favourite nutritious snack is a bit of an odd one. It's actually KEEN-WA.

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6. Nutella

Another victim of this whole 'OO' craze, NOO-TELLA may include nuts in its ingredients, but it's not actually supposed to be in the name. Mind blown.

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7. Chipotle

Although this is five years too late for the opening of Manchester Arndale's branch of Taco Bell, you should be ordering a CHIP-OH-TAY from now on.

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8. Acai

Possibly a word that sees more different pronunciations than any in human existence, AH-SIGH-EE is that healthy berry you've just started having with your morning porridge.

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9. Almond

This is one that people could disagree on all day. It's supposed to be AH-MUND, but I'm sure people will continue making up their own version up anyway!

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10. Risotto

You might like to cook this fine Italian dish, but have you been saying it properly? Contrary to popular belief, it's RIS-OT-O rather than RIZ-OT-O

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11. Gouda

Ah yes, the famous Dutch cheese. If you're a fan of Dutch footballers in particular, Ruud Gullit (HUL-IT) for example, you'll know about their penchant to replace a G with an H, but this gets even more complex. It's HOW-DA people. .

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12. Edamame

There's about a hundred different ways this could be said, but it turns out that it's ED-A-MA-MAY. That actually makes sense, doesn't?

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13. Croissant

This one is CWA-SON rather than CRUS-SAHNT. However, lets be honest. If you're not French and are saying it like that in Turks & Caicos, people are likely to think you're a bit odd, so it's not too surprising!

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