10 Financial Struggles Turks & Caicos Residents Face During Slow Season

Payday seems so far away...


It's that time of the year when the island slows down, the tourists aren't around and that next pay check seems so far away.

How many of these struggles can you relate to?

1. Trying to withdraw $20 from the ATM...

Close your eyes and hope for the best...

2. Scouting out the reduced to clear section of IGA

I mean is it REALLY expired?

3. Double checking the price EVERYTHING in the supermarket

The organic section is starting to look a little scary at the moment

4. Getting beers bought for you with the promise you'll 'get them back' next time...

"I will, yeah."

5. Being judged while paying for a coffee with a tonne of change...

Worth their weight in gold.

6. Rationing your data like your life depends on it

Yo, can I jump on your Wifi real quick?

7. Filling up your tank is the biggest luxury of the month

8. You live in constant fear of the next Fortis bill

We've been running the A/C way too much this month!

9. You'll be putting off the next service at Bayview

It will be fine, how bad can it be?

10. When November rolls around at the Island is packed with happy visitors

Ah, good to see you all again. But it so busy now!