Turks & Caicos Hay-fever Sufferers... Gin May Be The Answer

No better excuse

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Living on an island can be great and all but if you suffer with the dreaded itchy eyes and streaming nose then it can be a pretty rough time.

So here's the problem - according to Elle, beer and wine contain histamine (the opposite of your hay-fever tablets).

As a result, histamine is released in your body and may worsen your hay fever symptoms - booooo!

Asthma UK says: "As well as ethanol (pure alcohol), alcoholic drinks contain a natural food chemical called histamine, which is found at particularly high levels in red wine and some beers.

"64 per cent of people with asthma say certain types of alcohol triggers their symptoms. Red wine is the main culprit, followed by white wine, beer and then cider."

So here's the best news...

According to Asthma UK, clear spirits, such as gin and vodka, contain a relatively low histamine content.

So in our heads, you're better off sipping a GnT than other types of alcohol, which in our books isn't so bad at all.