HBO Has Released Brand New Footage Of Game Of Thrones Season 8

Arya finally sees the Daenerys and her Dragons

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HBO has released brand new footage of Game of Thrones Season 8 and it gives us our first glimpse of Arya in this upcoming season.

The clip arrived as part of a compilation of all the channels upcoming projects so we only catch a short glimpse of the new scenes - but it still something to get us through this excruciatingly long wait until the final season.

The HBO trailer shows us the Unsullied and Dothraki army arriving at Winterfell as Arya watches Dragons fly overhead for the first time.

Skip to 0:48 seconds if you just want to see the GOT scenes.

Since it is the last season, HBO have been eager to show us as little footage as possible to keep us guessing.

The official season 8 trailer, which HBO released a month ago, was a highly ambiguous glimpse into the upcoming season. Rather than showing actual footage, the icy trailer foreshadowed the final showdown between Fire and Ice - between the living and the dead.

It shows the Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya Stark walking through the crypts underneath Winterfell where the ancestors like Ned and Catelyn Stark are buried. They each come upon three statues identical to them before an icy fog encroaches - meaning only one thing - the White Walkers are here.

Game of Thrones will air on the 14th on HBO which may only a few weeks away but honestly it feels like a lifetime.

We cannot wait!