It's Official - This Emoji Is The Biggest Turn Off

Avoid avoid avoid

Emoji Dolphin

If you haven't got yourself a date for valentine's, you might be frantically swiping away in the hope of a last-minute hook-up. 

But hold up! Did you know you might be putting people off before you've even started?

According to a poll by insurance2go, the emojis you use when chatting up your target could be the difference between finding the love of your life and getting straight-up snubbed. 

Take the winky emoji- a cheeky little smile, yes? 

Think again! 29% of singletons think it's just down right creepy.

The top 5 biggest turn offs:

1. Winking face 😉 29%

2. Blowing a kiss face 😘 19%

3. Heart eyes face 😍 17%

4. Tongue out face 😛 16%

5. Pile of poop💩 14%

Females were particularly put off by the flexed bicep, the diamond ring and the- ahem- eggplant. 

Males, on the other hand, hate the lipstick mark emoji, the crying with laughter face, the holding hands emoji and the starry-eyed face.