The TCIFA Holds The 6th Annual Walk-Run-Ride To Benefit Youth Development Football Programmes

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One of the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association’s (TCIFA) most anticipated community-based fund-raising events, Walk-Run-Ride, was successfully held at the TCIFA National Academy on Saturday, April 21st, 2018. This year, witnessing a large number of high-spirited participants, the event returned with change in routes and scenery. Moving away from the former Grace Bay route, the TCIFA’s event instead choose the quiet, scenic yet challenging route of the Venetian Road leading to the enclaves of Turtle Tail. This route had slopes, ridges and “mini-hills” which provided a welcome needed challenge to the participants.

The event this year introduced a  K and 10K walk/run and a 32K cycle distances. Ms. Adina Ciurar, of the Graceway Sports Center, kicked off the event with a warm-up session at fever pitch.

President Sonia Fulford in speaking on the event said:

Participating in this walk not only showed a commitment to healthy lifestyle but also a salute to the Youths in the TCIFA Football Programs as the proceeds are plowed back into these development programs. Encompassing a sense of family and friends, this concept not only creates increased awareness of the TCIFA and its activities but more importantly it creates a sense of community. The TCIFA looks forward to hosting these events as the mutual benefit to all is obvious and it is great to see so many people rising so early in the morning and showing unselfish commitment to a good cause.

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The TCIFA endeavors to create a positive impact by encouraging an array of social initiatives through football. Net proceeds from the Walk-Run-Ride help to support this.

We would like to thank all of the contributors, especially our Primary Partner, T&C Refreshments, for supporting our Walk-Run-Ride Event. T&C Refreshments has a long history of helping our community, particularly with events involving the youth, and as a returning partner of the TCIFA, and at this level, their continued support is a testimony of their commitment to our children and our Association’s mission.

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TCIFA expressed immense gratitude to T&C Refreshments, Beaches TCI, Flamingo Pharmacy, Projetech Construction Management & Services,  Graceway IGA Supermarket, Luxe Day Spa, Graceway Sports Center, Missick's Contracting, Complete Construction, Elite Brokerage, Marsha Lightbourne-Missick, Willard Williams, June Hawkins, Peter Stubbs, Adina Ciurar and the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force.

Upon recovery, participants were greeted with complimentary massages provided by Luxe Day Spa. The event concluded with giveaways and prizes at the breakfast booth.

1st place male cyclist - Shanwell Gardiner 
2nd place male cyclist - Tyrone Bishop 
1st place female cyclist - Gabriella Hegedus

1st place male 10K - Junior Paul  
2nd place male 10K - Martijn Healy 
1st place female 10K- Ailsa Mckeon  
2nd place female 10K - Carola Gonzalez


1st place male 5K - Dave Dooley
2nd place male 5K - Gregeorio Bongo Jr.
1st place female 5K - Talisha Simons
2nd place female 5K - Kate Murphy and Orla Oboyle


1st place male youth - Curtis Pennant
2nd place male youth - Brian Papin
1st place female youth - Zoe Butler 
2nd place female youth - Augustina Rebolledo

Projetech Youth Development Draw
Female- Sanne Healy Projetech

Youth Development Draw
Male- Michael Saunders

Most Supportive Group of 2018- Grace Bay Club.

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