A Free Phone, Free Minutes, And Data Tripled? Be Mine.

Flow is spreading the Valentine's Day love with some incredible deals

Flow Valentines Day

Move over, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and fanciful floral arrangements. Flow has found a new way to spread the love this Valentine's Day with some awesome offers. We're talking about the kind of offers that include a free phone and free Flow to Flow minutes, so you can spend more time chatting with your Valentine without worrying about racking up an eye-popping bill.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

"OK, you hang up first."

"No, you hang up first."

Yep, you can play that game all night long if you want, no extra cash required.

Here are the deets: If you sign up for a M, L or XL postpaid combo plan, you get a free Alcatel 3V. Sign up for any postpaid combo plan, and you get an Alcatel A1. You also get free minutes on evenings and weekends, as long as you're on the phone with another Flow customer.

But hold up. It gets better.

Here's the icing on top: Sign up for an XL prepaid combo plan, and not only can you get an Alcatel 3V for $150 or an Alcatel A1 for $49 — you also get to triple your data. That's thrice the fun, baby.

So you'll have plenty of data to do important things like...

This super sweet deal starts today and ends on Feb. 28. So get a move on, TCI. Get in on that Flow love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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