10 Reasons You Should Get Married In Turks & Caicos

A destination beach wedding never looked so good

Turks And Caicos Wedding

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There are countless decisions to make when it comes to planning a wedding, from the outfits to the music, the color scheme to the food, the guest list to the flowers. And perhaps the most important of all: Location, location, location. No doubt you want the place where you exchange your vows to be somewhere special. Allow us to steer you in the right direction. If you're going to have a destination wedding, you may as well do it right. There's no better wedding than a Turks & Caicos wedding, for a number of reasons. But for the sake of short attention spans, we'll limit them to 10.

1. Nature does most of the work for you

Let's be honest. With this as your backdrop, there's not much else you need. The Turks & Caicos offers one of the most stunning natural landscapes for a wedding ceremony, so if you're not looking to plan something too elaborate — don't sweat it. Mother Nature will take care of the setting for you.

2. Our local wedding planners are pretty talented

Sure, you could bring your own wedding planner down to the islands with you. But why bother when we have some incredibly talented wedding planners based here in the Turks & Caicos? Planning a wedding can be tricky if you don't know the location well. Our wedding planners know the lay of the land because they've spent years living here, cultivating relationships with local vendors and planning weddings for people from all over the world. And they know how to bring a dream island wedding to life.

3. We have world-class wedding venues

Top-notch hotels and luxurious beachfront villas — we have it all. And they're not all on Grace Bay (although there are plenty of gorgeous hotels and villas to choose from on Grace Bay alone). From Long Bay to Blue Mountain, Babalua Beach to Turtle Tail, there's a long list of resorts and private villas in the Turks & Caicos that make for a stellar wedding venue. You may even find the choices overwhelming. Start by deciding on your budget and preferred area, and narrow it down from there. But be sure to plan ahead!

4. You can get married barefoot

Hey, heels aren't for everyone. And you probably want to be as comfortable as possible as you say your vows, right? Right. That doesn't mean you have to dress down, either. You can still wear a killer wedding dress without shoes — those are the unwritten rules of a beach wedding.

5. You have an excuse to wear a short wedding dress

With average temperatures in the 80s, expect a bead of sweat or two if you're getting married on the beach (this also depends on the season and time of day). Embrace the warmth by spicing up your wedding attire. Who says you have to wear a long dress to your wedding? Go short and let loose!

6. You can have an epic "trash the dress" photoshoot

Crystalline seas make for some stunning underwater photos. After the wedding, arrange with a local photographer to get some trash the dress photos in the ocean. The proof is in the pictures: A Turks & Caicos trash the dress photoshoot is not your ordinary shoot.

7. Crowded beaches? Nope, not in TCI

There are plenty of beaches in the world you could choose for your destination wedding, but they're not all equal. Part of what makes the Turks & Caicos such a special wedding destination is the lack of crowds. Sure, certain areas of Grace Bay can get "busy," relatively speaking. But there are miles and miles of pristine beach to choose from, so you don't have to endure an audience of strangers as you say "I do."

8. Our local florist works wedding magic

Whatever kind of bouquet or floral arrangements you're looking for, our local florist Environmental Arts can make it happen. You can go with a truly Turks bouquet using only local flora, or opt for imported. You have options.

9. Your wedding guests will definitely have a good time

No, you're not likely to hear many complaints about your chosen wedding destination. Not only will everyone be happy to be a part of your special day, but they'll also get an incredible beach holiday out of the deal. Before and after the wedding, they can lounge on the beach, snorkel the reef and cruise the islands by boat with a rum punch in hand. It's a win-win for everyone.

10. You'll come out with magazine-worthy wedding photos

If the wedding photos are important to you, a Turks & Caicos wedding is a must. Many weddings here have been featured in the popular wedding blog Style Me Pretty. And it's no wonder: We're home not only to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but also the most jaw-dropping sunsets.

*11. DJ Dayoh will have everyone dancing by the end of the night

Bonus tip!

Music makes the wedding reception. We're fortunate to have a local DJ who not only plays the hottest tunes, but also knows how to read the crowd and respond accordingly. A DJ is essentially in charge of the wedding atmosphere, so you want to choose wisely. And DJ Dayoh will set the mood juuuuuust right.

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