PICS: 15 Facts About These Potcakes You Probably Didn't Realise

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Potcake Smile

We all know that Potcakes are amazing dogs, perfectly suited to island life but sometimes there is more to our favourite 4 legged friends than meets the eye.

Special thanks as always to the great team at Potcake Place along with the TCSPCA, Bark-n-Bliss and Pampered Paws for all the great work they do to keep our Potcake population safe, healthily and find loving homes.

This One Is Fluent In German, French And Bahamian

One Prefers iPhones, The Other Likes Samsung

This One Knows All The Lyrics To Hypnotize

The One Can Help You With Quadratic Equations

This One Has An Extensive Comic Book Collection

This One Is A Stage 3 Qualified Yoga Instructor

This One Teaches Ceramics In Her Spare Time

Don't Trust This One, He's A Liar

This One Is PADI Certified

This One Has A Bit Of A Drinking Habit

This Little Guy Plays The Piano

This Guy Has A Credit Score Of 850

These Two Have A Small Ice Cream Shop In Vermont

This One Had Read The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy 12 Times.

This One Knows The Meaning Of Life, But Refuses To Tell Anyone

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