Cooper Jack, The Boutique Beach You've Never Been To

Hidden in plain sight

CooperJack is a great little secluded beach on Provo, but doesn't see many visitors as it's usually beaten out to some the more prestigious spots like Grace Bay or Long Bay since they earned their "best beach in the world" credentials.

Special thanks to Jessica Aquino @soleiltoutelannee for sharing her fantastic pictures with the LovinTCI team.

Cooper Jack 13

It can be a little tricky to get to though, but some of the best things in life aren't easy and that's half the fun. It's on the central, Southern shore of Provo toward the most eastern point is at Turtle Tail. We thought about including a map, but that would make it a little too easy.

Cooper Jack 1

To put your feet in the sand, you'll have to walk down a small cliff and an overgrown pathway (romantic isn't it) but watch your step as there's sadly quite a bit of broken glass. Come on guys... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Cooper Jack 2

I mean, you don't get this on Grace Bay now do you?

Cooper Jack 7

Best to visit with someone who knows where you are going as it's not particularly visible from the road. Saying that, when you do climb down the cliff and jump (only a foot or two 😉) onto the sand, it's pretty spectacular.

Cooper Jack 12

Just watch that first step...

Cooper Jack 10

And you might even find a crab or two hiding among the rocks.

Cooper Jack 11

And there's some sort of rock creature/gargoyle keeping an eye on your stuff while you go for a dip

Cooper Jack 9

What are you waiting for?

Cooper Jack 14

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