This Hand Written Letter From TCI Resident To Fortis Will Warm Your Heart

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Fortis and their overseas support network (Maritime Electric) have been putting in the hours to get the TCI back on track since the storms and their hard work has not gone unnoticed. 

While some areas of the Islands are still without power, the crews have been doing their best to cope with a very tricky situation given the number of power lines downed or damaged during Irma. To give an idea of the devastation, Fortis TCI announced that Grand Turk suffered 90% of damage to Transmission & Distribution network earlier this month and that there were Approximately 450 downed or damaged poles.

Recently a letter was shared by on Grand Turk Resident which captured wonderfully just how we feel about the enormous effort the crew are putting in throughout the TCI.

"Dear Fortis Team,

Just a note to say I took time out to watch you work in my areas here in Back Salina in Grand Turk. You did not only work professionally but you sure worked as a team.

Although you were very busy you took a few minutes to spend with the neighbours which showed how friendly you are.

Thank you team for coming to help us get our power back quicker than usual.

Again thank you for coming and may Jehovah bless you in all your endeavours

Thanks for all the sacrifices you made"

That says it all really.

Written By

Drew Scrymgeour

Outside of writing for Lovin TCI, you'll find Drew walking his dogs, driving a Jeep and probably using his phone a little too much.