OMG: This Pet-Sitting Site Lets You Travel Anywhere In The World For Free

All you have to do is look after someones pet...

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I'm going to put it out there, I actually think I love animals more than I do humans - sorry mum.

So, imagine my excitement when I came across a site that allows you to stay in other peoples homes all over the world for FREE in exchange for looking after their pet.

Well, that's absolutely bloody fantastic.

Introducing, Trusted Housesitters.

It really is that simple - the site is designed so that animal-loving travellers stay free of charge in homes anywhere in the world in exchange for pet-sitting.

Once a member, pet sitters can then be 'hired' to travel to homes literally anywhere across the globe, meaning not only do you get to explore new places but you can do it all with the company of a cute little animal.

Trusted Housesitters has been launched since 2010 and claimes to have overseen more than one million nights of housesitting, saving its members a mind blowing $200m in accommodation costs.

Members are spanned across 133 countries, with the more popular markets being the US, Canada, Australasia, and the UK.

There's plenty of travellers out there that would love to visit TCI and look after a Potcake or two, so fingers crossed it will be available for us on island in the near future.

Well there's no need to imagine, it's a genuine thing that you can actually do.

So...where are you off to?

Image credit @bahamian_brunette and Trustedhousesitters