20 Potcats Are On Their Way To Becoming U.S. Citizens

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Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Potcake Project, IBC, Jack Russo, The TCSPCA, Cairsea and Animal Havenin New York, 20 Turks & Caicos kittens are on their way to being adopted in the U.S.

We've seen an explosion in the local Potcat (local TCI cats) population since the storms as many have found themselves displaced and are breeding rapidly throughout the islands.

While it's cute to play with these kittens for an hour or two, finding a long term, safe and loving home is a challenge so we're happy to see so many on their way State side where there are plenty of family hoping to take one home.

Special thanks also goes to the Pampered Paws staff who housed 11 of these kitties and assisted in facilitating this move.

Potcat 1
Potcat 4

Most of the work is done by non profit volunteers so any help and support that you can give would be most appreciated.

Potcat 2
Potcat 11

If you'd like to donate toward the cause, here's a few links which might come in handy:

The Turks and Caicos Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The Potcake Project

Aid for TCI Potcake Dogs After Irma

Give it you can, share it you can't, both would be great!

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