These Cheeky Potcakes Pups Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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It's Wednesday and thought you could do with a little bump to get through your working week so we've been through the Potcake Place archive to find some of the cutest creatures of the TCI.

Some of these little ones have now found a happy new home, but others might be still waiting for a one way ticket off island.

If you're interested in adopting on, feel free to contact Potcake Place in Grace Bay, there's always another litter around the corner.

Porkchop helping out at the front desk with his sleeping buddy applesauce

Off the streets and into care

Amazing what you can pick up at your local 7-11

Can you hear me now?

It's laundry day at Potcakeplace should we separate the colours before washing?

Dear higher Puppy Power.. I thank you this evening for bringing me to Potcakeplace

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Drew Scrymgeour

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