10 Times Konk Has Been Spotted Outside The TCI

Have Konk, Will Travel


The past few years has seen an explosion of local brands making their presence felt both on island and abroad. We've seen young entrepreneurs from the TCI creating everything from jewelry to tea, but one brand stands out from the crowd and is quickly becoming a popular local export; Konk.

We're excited to see how this home grown brand develops in the years to come, but before they become a household name, here's a look at 10 times they've been spotted around the world.

As they say, Good vibes only, and we for one couldn't agree more!

In Toronto

In Tokyo

In Dubia

In Australia

In India

In Antigua

In Miami

In Nassau

In New Hampture


Be sure to tag @Konkz and @LovinTCI if you're reppin TCI next time you're abroad and if you fancy buying your own, check out www.konkapparel.com

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